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Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Services starting at $40

Outrageously dependable  meet outrageously convenient! 

Recent events has change our lives. In this difficult times, we are offering  one of the most reliable battery in the industry delivered and installed in the safety of  your own home or wherever you need it at. No waiting, no hassle, just pure good convenient service !



Our Services

    Battery Delivery & Installation

We now supply, deliver and install new batteries

Battery & charging system testin

Onsite battery, alternator, and starter testing

Jump start

Dead battery charging

Lock out

Unlock vehicle, using professional equipment to avoid damage to door, and door frame 

Flat tire

  • Remove flat tire and install spare tire.
  •  If possible and upon request, we offer temporary tire repair.

Wheel lock / Stripped lug nut removal

  • Removal of wheel lock, when wheel lock key is lost.
  • Removal of stripped lug nut. 

Fuel delivery

Delivery of fuel. 3 gallons max

Real Customer Testimonials

Jump Start

Real customer testimonial- jump start

Lock out

Real customer Testimonial- Lock-out


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What our customers are saying

Quick and reliable. I used this service after finding my self in a pickle after Harvey. After leaving my car for 5 days without turning it on, I discovered that the engine wouldn't turn over. Thinking all it needed was a jump, I call Frankie and he got there really fast. He immediately took out his tools and gave me a jump. Car instantly started. However he suggested he let me check the battery just to make sure and see if it would hold up for after he left. Come to find out the battery was shot. Amazingly it was still under warranty. He took it and exchanged it for me and installed a brand new one. He even went a step further to make sure the battery was seated right in its harness since before, the previous owner had left it loose. After that I was back up and Running. Will definitely have his number on hand for any of my friends/family that may need his services. Great fella!

Allan Rodriguez- Satisfied Customer


Frankie was really helpful when I needed some help with a dead battery. He came to where my car was, tested the battery, informed me that it was shot, and then he even went to pickup the new battery for me, brought it back, and installed it. He was knowledgeable with his recommendations, quick, and efficient. I definitely recommend his services for those who need emergency help with their vehicle.

Caroline B.- Satisfied Customer


They picked up the phone right away, and came over within 20 mins even though I was a little outside their zone. Very reasonable price for a jump start, and friendly as well!

Crystal B..- Satisfied Customer

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